What are companies doing with regards to 'My Company'

What affect will focus on the 'My Company' factor have?

My Company - The level of engagement employees feel with their job and organisation

My Company is what we call an ‘output’ factor, it focuses on people’s ‘love’ and ‘pride’ in working for your organisation.

Now unfortunately you can’t directly make people feel these emotions, but when all of the other seven factors are doing well, people will be far more likely to experience that love and pride ultimately improving the My Company factor as a result.

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Bible Society


Managers are encouraged to apply for a place on a bespoke development programme run in partnership with training experts, KnowledgeBrief, to gain a Diploma in Leadership and Management. Bosses help develop each other through manager groups which meet regularly to provide peer support and share good practice.

Inspired by the COP26 environment conference, staff were asked to think about ways they could make small changes in their area of the business. The Estates team found a better way to recycle food waste by using hot bins and soon 100% of food waste will be recycled as compost for the Society's onsite orchard.

This year Bible Society partnered up with Salmon Swimming, specialists in empowering companies to integrate values-driven culture and strategy. With representatives across a number of departments, a series of workshops were held to empower employees to be present and productive. Some colleagues were also offered 1:1 coaching and team development sessions.

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Logistics UK

The trained mental health first-aiders within the workforce are a valuable asset and were able to help colleagues during the uncertainties and stresses caused by the pandemic. The firm holds webinars for staff through its Employee Assistance Programme and they can receive advice on any personal matter.

Every quarter Logistics UK encourages team members to take the opportunity to nominate their peers in recognition of the things they have done that demonstrate the company's values: togetherness, dynamism, excellence, and reputation. There is a £500 prize in each category.

Throughout the year, the HR team has provided 15 online, bitesize courses for all the company’s managers aimed at helping them with their skills and development in adjusting to new ways of working. These include ‘Managing Remote Workers’ and ‘Absence and Wellbeing.’ The supportive courses have been received well by managers.

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Paradigm Housing Group

The Paradigm Foundation Committee uses surplus funds drawn from operating costs to distribute money to local charities or community groups in need of support. The organisation has donated £180,000 to a range of causes, and commits a percentage of its budget to the 'Paradigm Foundation' funding local activities that improve life of Paradigm Residents.

Paradigm has a commitment to staff safety and takes a holistic approach to wellbeing support in areas which cover physical health, mental health, financial health, volunteering, personal growth, and working environment. By offering support and/or activities across all six areas, it contributes to maintaining a mentally and physically healthy workforce.

'Paradigm Points' are awarded when an employee demonstrates a behaviour relating to one of the organisation's values above and beyond day-to-day expectations. These have a cash value and can be used to purchase certain discounted goods or redeemed for like-for-like amounts in gift cards and vouchers.

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Talbots Law


Talbots continue to raise awareness for its local charity partner, Birmingham Children’s Hospital. This year saw the firm host a full programme of fundraisers such as Dragon Boat racing, team mountain climbs and family events, as it worked towards its target of raising £50,000 for the charity.

The firm places a focus on mentoring and supporting its team members, so they are able to learn every day, rather than attending formal training courses in a classroom. Strong informal networks are created to support each other and learn from front-line team members, building up a strong family spirit among colleagues.

As a result of the feedback from the firms previous Best Companies engagement surveys, Talbots have saved over 7500kg of paper from going to landfill in 2021 alone. The firm has also worked hard to create green energy and use their single recycling bins to help make a difference to the environment.

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Organic believes that individuals should not be limited to their roles and are encouraged and supported to explore other areas of the business. Each employee is given the opportunity to work with their manager to create a unique and tailored career plan, including professional training funded by the business in excess of £1,000 per person.

This year the organisation partnered with Cybersmile – a digital charity protecting vulnerable people online – to build and maintain its website on a pro bono basis, worth over £750,000. A proportion of working hours is devoted to the project every month and some staff give more of their own time.

The Organic Agency's ethos – Digital for Good – guides its operations and the company is proud to have signed up to B Corps, joining a growing global network pledging to build a more sustainable and inclusive economy, and making the world a better place with a healthier environment and stronger communities.

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MSC Industrial Supply

A dedicated Health and Wellbeing Manager ensures people are kept up to date with the latest resources in MSC’s employee portal, with information on health and wellbeing to keep individuals and their families well, along with access to private medical healthcare and personal counselling support.

All managers at MSC have the option to receive executive leadership coaching from an external development partner. There’s also a partnership with a Diversity and Inclusion organisation which sees all managers undergo an extensive training programme in this area. An internal intranet site houses extensive developmental reading material and tools to support managers.

MSC’s approach is about recognising team collaborative in an inclusive way. This means success is celebrated as a whole, with everyone’s contributions acknowledged. It regularly holds celebrations for a diverse range of events, including National Employee Appreciation Day, where all employees received a personalised chocolate gift to their home, thanking them for their contribution.

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Space Architects (Europe)

With a set target to be a Zero Carbon business by 2023, Space Architects is committed to what it says is a challenging - but realistic - target. Alongside specific reductions in use in certain business areas, it will also incorporate tree planting and the use of photovoltaics on its building to achieve its goal.

Communication takes place throughout the week at the firm – from a Monday morning call with the CEO through to ‘Pizza Friday’ – where an hour-long overview of everything that has happened in the business during the week takes place. There is also ‘Thinking Thursday’, where a topic is discussed along with a learning activity.

The leadership team demonstrates the company’s valued in what they do every day – through their behaviours and the decisions they make. Leaders invite a culture of open communication where any issues are discussed and addressed, and they try to ensure all colleagues feel valued.

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Siddall and Hilton Products

A weekly newsletter update was established and circulated to all employees that were either furloughed or remained active in their roles to ensure key messages and information was delivered. The company encouraged open communication in line with company values, particularly in support of any mental health or wellbeing issues.

The company’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) was extended to support not only to staff members, but also their families. Personal, empathetic support was offered on a one-to-one basis with their line manager for any employees who were struggling, ill, or otherwise impacted by the pandemic.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) show a commitment to the company’s values by challenging when behaviours are not demonstrated, and by holding each other – and members of the workforce – to account. The SLT also ensures values are integrated into recruitment and development programmes, as well as performance reviews.

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Ecclesiastical Group

With an established Climate Strategy Group, Ecclesiastical is recognising and responding to the climate emergency. Employees are very much part of the movement, by not only being represented in the Group but by being asked to participate in surveys to understand sustainable habits and invited to initiatives to reduce food waste.

A ‘Shout-Out’ scheme to encourage words of thanks and kindness has been established in addition to more classic recognition such as performance-related pay. Alongside an email or handwritten card, managers can also expense a small gift for the most deserving employees. Special recognition is also given where there is particularly good demonstration of values and behaviours.

The company’s ‘4 Ways to Wellbeing’ communications are focussed on improving on existing mental health support. Alongside this, access to professional support has been enhanced, thanks to the design and implementation of a mental health pathway, which joins up Ecclesiastical’s employee assistance and private medical provision with a specialist third party to provide single-source support.

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Gateway Housing Association

A staff forum network, known as ‘Gateway Together’, exists to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Designed to promote a constantly evolving positive and inclusive culture, it has led to a number of events initiatives including Eid celebrations, Pride, Men’s Health, Black History Month, and International Women’s Week.

Gateway’s office refurbishment included a new recycling system, as well as other initiatives that focused on a commitment to mitigating its impact on the environment. These include LED lighting, the use of hybrid vehicles and electric charging points, as well as a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme and a bike loan initiative.

Collaboration and inclusion activities consist of weekly team briefings internally, as well as a number of external team bonding activities. These include taking part in virtual ‘escape rooms’, as well as the establishment of a ‘Birthday Month Club’ to encourage celebration across different teams.

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