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Architect & Surveyor


The annual office study trips to places such as Lyon, London Dock, and Wapping are a testament to the firm's focus on team-building. These trips allow teams to learn about best-practice architecture, fostering team spirit and a sense of belonging.
Through initiatives like the Building Futures programme and school outreach programmes, JTP gives back to society by offering work experience, learning, and career opportunities. The firm's focus on nature-led design also shows a commitment to environmental wellbeing.
JTP offers ample opportunities for personal growth, with initiatives like weekly design reviews and fortnightly professional training groups. These initiatives not only utilise the skills of the employees but also offer a platform for learning and development.
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Construction & Engineering

M. Lambe Construction

Honest feedback is encouraged both to and from the manager, with timely and caring feedback given in person the only allowable type. The organisation has also employed a permanent head of communications whose sole remit is to develop better organisational clarity around information sharing, both internally and externally.
To ensure each project is delivered successfully, all full-time staff and subcontractors must be fully committed to the critical areas of their operations - health and safety, quality, and environmental management – to an ‘exceptional level’. To motivate staff, the organisation rewards each team member that excels in these areas with a £100 quarterly bonus.
Over the last few year, M. Lambe Construction has donated over £100,000 to charities, including £60,000 to Tabor House and £20,000 to The Lighthouse Club. The organisation has also invested more than £30,000 into supporting people who have faced homelessness, and helped them to get stable work via Standing Tall.
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Housing Associations


Quarterly "Ask the Executive Leadership Team" sessions take place online so that staff can take part where ever they work — including sitting in a van between jobs. They give employees the chance to ask questions, share ideas or raise concerns. Pulse surveys via text and email ask staff how the organisation might improve.

Ongo have environmental practices in place such as a cycle to work scheme, encouraging the use of public transport, encouraging working from home, energy efficient IT and also making employees aware of the organisations energy consumption.

Supporting local communities is a key part of what the organisation is about. It is a regular aspect of Ongo's work, from "we care" days, when colleagues get out into the community, cleaning, painting or tidying an area, to the £1million invested in projects to improve communities in the past 12 months.
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Business Services



There's a growing group of Wellbeing and Environment Champions with reps from each team. They write and share content to support mental and physical wellness and to promote diversity and the environment. There're also regular events, seminars and programmes to promote wellness, including lunch and learns on topics like menopause, prostate cancer and autism.

Good communication and the opportunity to feedback are core to company culture. There are regular one-to-ones, and all teams get together in person at least once a week. 'Pulse Check' surveys occur throughout the year alongside staff surveys and exit interviews. Feedback has led to improvements in things like career planning and office space.

ramsac supports its local secondary school by giving careers advice and running a mock interview day for 150 students. And, using its team's volunteer days, it's renovated the library of a special needs school. It also has a corporate charity, Disability Challengers, which it supports through events, donations and running its business club.

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Sedulo Group

To foster strong relationships between employees, each December the organisation takes all its staff on an all-expenses paid weekend away with recent locations being Marbella, Estepona and Benidorm. This provides the opportunity for all team members across the four offices to socialise, celebrate the years successes and bond with one another.
Sedulo Group supports employee developed through its annual leadership programme, "Sedulo Accelerator Scheme". This programme consists of full day training sessions run by an external trainer, access to external and internal mentors, and business change projects which challenge and equip team members with the skills they need to progress in their careers.
In 2023, the organisation established its Sedulo Foundation as the result of years of working with local communities to alleviate the devastating effect of poverty on children and young people across London and the north of England. The Sedulo Foundation focuses on 3 main campaigns: Toy Appeal, Period Poverty, and its Back to School campaign.
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Housing Associations

Wales & West Housing

Each Director is responsible for ensuring that the employee experience in their area is consistent with the organisational values - they meet regularly with all staff, not just their own direct reports, to ensure that employees understand the Group’s culture as well as having the chance to have their voices heard.
The Group’s graduate programme offers fixed term positions combining genuine experience in the role alongside appropriate study and support. It also offers a number of Trade Apprenticeships with Cambria, learning through experience of repairs and upgrades on homes including electrical works, gas and plumbing works and multi skilled repairs.
The Group supported over 50 community groups and projects in 2023. In North Wales it supported Rhyl Foodbank, in West Wales, Cardigan and Pembrokeshire Foodbank received funding to support their work in the community. In Mid Wales, Welshpool and District Foodbank received financial assistance to purchase more food supplies. In the South it supported AcePlace.
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Claremont Consulting

As part of its employee benefits, Claremont Consulting offers a detailed health care plan including access to a 24-hour hotline, medical, dental and optical care, and therapy treatments. As an additional employee benefit it provides the Westfield Health plan which offers subsided gym membership for all employees.
The company organises employee culture days paid for by Claremont Consulting which involve competitive and inclusive tasks. For example the team recently attended a Battle Bar where employees were able to play games of pool, table tennis, and shuffle board along with Clay Pigeon shooting for its Christmas party.
Throughout the year Claremont Consulting organises various activities to support charities. These include an internal table tennis competition, a Grand National Sweepstake, and a business fives football tournament. Instead of a company Secret Santa, each employee bought a toy for a child of refuge to receive as a Christmas present through the KidsOut charity.
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AllClear Travel Insurance

The company's learning-management system incorporates gamified, app-based learning, which allows staff to learn at home and at work. A video-learning library offers short courses covering a wide variety of skills and knowledge. Two coaching programmes drive performance and the company has a catalogue of personal-effectiveness training courses.
A people-manager matrix or leadership-competency matrix is used by managers to evaluate their competencies and behaviours. A selection of courses covering e-learning, video learning and instructor-led training is available throughout the year, allowing managers to develop new skills and refine existing ones.
A team of 15 participated in the RideLondon-Essex 100 cycle event and raised more than £7,000 for Diabetes UK. The company is running small events, such as bake sales, and plans to reintroduce larger charity events towards the end of the year, supporting mental health and breast cancer charities and Children in Need.
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Food & Drink

KP Snacks


KP Snacks demonstrates its commitment to fair treatment through financial support initiatives in collaboration with Grocery Aid, offering financial grants and a one-off cost of living payment to colleagues earning £35,000 or less per annum.

KP Snacks' leadership ensures transparency and clarity through regular updates on the KP4ME portal and on-site townhall meetings. They promote organisational values and provide strategic direction, enhancing employee engagement.

KP Snacks' 'Community Heroes' initiative encourages employees to support local community projects. Additionally, the company's sustainable strategy, 'People & Planet', highlights its commitment to environmental responsibility.

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Youth Sport Trust


Youth Sports Trust prioritises employee wellbeing with initiatives like Wellbeing Champions, Active 30 team, and Menopause Champions. It has also developed a Wellbeing policy and a Wellbeing Charter to support its staff's mental, emotional, and social wellness.

Leadership at the Trust is committed to living out the organisation's values, promoting them during corporate inductions, training, and staff reward programmes. They further demonstrate responsibility through the creation of an employee engagement action plan.

Youth Sport Trust gives back to society through initiatives like the Generation Charnwood project, which focuses on enhancing the wellbeing and life chances of local young people. The organisation also promotes sustainable and active lifestyles through staff wellbeing initiatives.

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